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With InfoSafe security services and certification, we make it easy for businesses to stay compliant with current laws and industry standards for protecting private customer information.

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When doing business or shopping with an InfoSafe Certified business, you can be confident knowing your personal information is secured and kept private, protecting you against potential identity theft and fraud.

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Welcome to InfoSafe®

InfoSafe is the industry leading information security and privacy compliance certification program for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. We make is simple and affordable to stay compliant with federal, state and industry data security regulations, and promote privacy, safety and trust with your customers and employees.

InfoSafe Certification:
You become InfoSafe Certified by enrolling in the InfoSafe program and working with your InfoSafe team to implement and then maintain the necessary administrative, physical and technical safeguards required for compliance with virtually all major federal, state and industry regulations including:
  • GLBA
  • Red Flags Rule
  • PCI Compliance
  • State data breach protection laws
  • And more
InfoSafe Certification signifies a company's genuine commitment to protecting their customer and employee private information against identity theft and fraud. Consumers can work, play and shop with confidence with businesses that rely on InfoSafe information privacy and security services.
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